Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find out which iPhone model I have?

whether your screen is still operable or not you have a couple options. Here is Apple’s guide on locating the model number and you can use this guide to match the model number to the model name.

I don’t see the iPhone 12 models as an option when trying to book an appointment.

Because of currently extremely limited supply of parts and disproportionately high cost, we only offer screen repair for the 12’s by special order. If you’re interested, email us and we can provide timeline and pricing information.

Do you repair the glass on the back of the iPhone 8/X/XS, etc.?

We do not. Because replacing the glass on the back of the device requires significantly more tools, disassembly of the phone, and time than screen replacements, it is not possible for us as a mobile shop to offer the service.

What does mobile repair mean?

We are 100% mobile, meaning we come to you to complete your repair instead of having a physical shop location. We can meet you anywhere in the Park City area, whether that’s your home, work, or even while you’re out shopping. Not only is this convenient, but we also avoid the expensive overhead of a storefront, which translates to better prices for you!

Does the repair tech complete the work inside my home or office?

Repairs are typically done at our vehicle where all of our tools are readily available. If you’re curious of the procedure or just prefer the work to be done inside your home or office, be sure to let your repair tech know. They’ll be happy to accommodate!

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Of course! We use Square to accept debit and credit cards, on-site, after we’ve completed your repair.

How long will my repair take?

Most repairs are finished within 30 minutes, but some repairs require more work. Please allow up to an hour before your phone is returned.

My damage is really bad, do you think you can fix it?

Most probably, yes. If we decide otherwise after assessing the damage, you don’t get charged anything for our visit and we can most certainly recommend other options for you.

Do you offer discounts for repairing multiple devices?

Sure, we offer both quantity AND referral discounts. The dollar amount varies depending on Apple’s product release cycle, but reach out to use at parkcityiphonerepair@gmail.com if you’re interested and we’ll break down the latest details for you.

Do you warranty your repairs?

Yes! We warranty our parts and workmanship against defect for life! That’s the strongest warranty you’ll find anywhere.

What about batteries or replacing other parts besides the screen?

We do offer battery replacements for most iPhone models at a discount as an add-on to a screen repair. If you need one for a different device (or another part altogether) please let us know and we’d be happy to special order it!

Do you also repair iPads/Apple Watch/Samsung Phones, etc.?

We have chosen to focus on a single product line, the iPhone, in order to provide the most expert, streamlined, and cost-effective service possible. We’d be happy to recommend options for repairing your other devices.

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